About ​Me & My Self...

Hey Business Builders,

Thanks for checking in here.  

I could spend the whole day talking about myself but this page should be more about you and how I can serve your purpose.

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate and my first job was a  IT Network Manager in Radio Station based in Mauritius and my last one was as a European Software Channel Manager in London.

I am a business owner at heart with an interest in online businesses and I have been into all things digital for the past 12 years.

I started as an online entrepreneur selling PCI Fax Cards online back in 2007 from my bedroom.

Since then I have had businesses doing Virtual Assistance Services, Real Estate, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Sales Funnel Development, Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization, CRO, AI Chatbots, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, IT Contracting, Mergers & Acquisitions & So on...  

I am very proud to have clients like DigitalMarketer.com, FrankKern.com, JeffWalker.com and many more Digital Marketing Industry leaders. 

My passion lies in the intricacies of business Inception, Growth and Exits.  

For some I am a Marketer, Coach, Visionary, Entrepreneur, for others I a Business Consultant and for many I am Founder.  

At the moment, I am focusing on helping businesses grow online.  

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Rajeev Kistoo