About ​Me & My Self...

​​​Hey Beautiful People,  ​

Thanks for checking in here.  ​

I could spend the whole day talking about myself so I would prefer not get started​ and keep it short.  ​

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate and my first job was a Network Manager and my last one was as Network Security Software Channel Manager in London.

I am a business owner at heart with an interest ​business and I have been into all things Digital for the past 12 years.

I started as an online entrepreneur back in 2007 when I was selling PCI Fax Cards online.  Since then I have had businesses doing Virtual Assistance Services, Real Estate, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Sales Funnel Development, Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization, AI Chatbots, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, IT Contracting, Mergers & Acquisitions & So on...  

I am very proud to have clients like DigitalMarketer.com, FrankKern.com, JeffWalker.com and many more Digital Marketing Industry leaders.

My passion lies in the intricacies of business inception, growth and exits.​  ​

For some I am a Marketer, Coach, Visionary, Entrepreneur, for others I a Business Consultant and for many I am Founder.  ​

At the moment, I am focusing on helping businesses grow online.  

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