How To Advertise On Google, Facebook Or LinkedIn

How To Advertise On Google, Facebook Or LinkedIn

I come across this mistake quite often so I thought I would share my thoughts on this.

You cannot use the same Ad Copy/Language you’re using on Google Search & Facebook Advertising…

Let me expand on this…

On Google, people are actively looking for information or solutions

When your prospect is at the top of the funnel…

She is looking for information

She is getting familiar with the subject

Let’s say she has back pain issues

She’ll go and type back pain


lower back pain

At this moment, her searches are very broad and vague.

Your Ad on Google Adwords could then say

Get Rid Of Back Pain Today – Call Chiropractor On 1 800 230 5000

That could be a local Ad… targeting searches in a specific region

She might or might not be ready to talk to a Chiropractor yet, but she will definitely consider it.

Now if the same person is more “aware “ and has already done some research

she knows exactly what her symptoms are and is in deep pain

she will type chiropractor Houston or Chiropractor { insert town }

Now the Ad could say

Houston Chiropractor – Same Day Consultations

Or something more promotional the point is that the prospect is “actively” looking for a solution

They are in pain you offer a painkiller


it’s not more complicated than this…

Some people call that Inbound Marketing

When it’s search based…

Whether you’re doing Adwords or SEO…

But on LinkedIn or Facebook…

It’s a totally different ball game…

People aren’t actively looking for a product, service or solution.

They are your potential clients, but not in a state of mind to buy.

They don’t have their credit cards out.

They are not in the state of mind like they would be on Amazon.

Think about it…

On the other extreme

Think about the mindset of all your prospects who are on Social Media.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Intagram etc…

They certainly don’t have their credit card at hand

And they are not here looking for information about something in particular

They are not actively searching for anything…

But they might Click on an ad or post that pique their interest.

Now in a very crowded and dynamic Facebook Newsfeed, your ad needs to STAND OUT to get attention.

With so much going on, you need hack your way to get attention.

Once you get someone’s attention with a compelling image, you need to get a click.

Now bear in mind

The goal of your ad should be to get a click

Not to see whole your product line

You can use your ad to qualify or disqualify your prospect

So while we’re at it, here’s a formula I use to write my ads

Get Attention

Ask A Question

Build Rapport/Educate/Sell Benefits

Get A Click

Now once you get a click, you need to get their name and email address so that you can market and sell to them through email.

The chances that you sell your product at the first click are really low unless you’re into ecommerce and sell products lower than $50.

Even in the ecommerce niche ( physical goods ), a typical conversion rate is around 2%.

It means that 98% of money spent on traffic is being lost.

This is why adding a funnel in the mix helps


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